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Trazodone is an oral antidepressant. It is sold in the United States under the brand name Desyrel and is also available under its generic name.


Trazodone is used to treat depression and to treat the combination of symptoms of anxiety and depression. Like most antidepressants, trazodone has also been used in limited numbers of patients to treat panic disorder , obsessive-compulsive disorder , attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder , enuresis (bed-wetting), eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa , cocaine dependency, and the depressive phase of bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder. It should be noted, however, that trazodone has not received official approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these secondary uses.


Trazodone acts to change the balance of naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that regulate the transmission of nerve impulses between cells. Its action primarily increases the concentration of norepinephrine and serotonin (both chemicals that stimulate nerve cells) and, to a lesser extent, blocks the action of another brain chemical, acetylcholine. Trazodone is classified as an atypical antidepressant, but it shares many of the properties of tricyclic antidepressants ( amitriptyline , clomipramine , desipramine , doxepin , imipramine , nortriptyline , protriptyline , and trimipramine ). It also shares some of the properties of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants ( fluoxetine , paroxetine , and sertraline ). Trazodone is the most sedating, and least anticholinergic, of all the currently marketed antidepressants.

The therapeutic effects of trazodone, like other antidepressants, appear slowly. Maximum benefit is often not evident for at least two weeks after starting the drug. People taking trazodone should be aware of this and continue taking the drug as directed even if they do not see immediate improvement.

Recommended dosage

As with any antidepressant, trazodone must be carefully adjusted by the physician to produce the desired therapeutic effect. Trazodone is available as 50-mg, 100-mg, and 150-mg film-coated tablets that cannot be divided, and 150-mg and 300-mg oral tablets that can be split. Therapy is usually started at a total of 150 mg per day divided into two or three doses. This dose is increased by 50 mg every three or four days until the desired effects are seen. Daily doses may be increased to a maximum of 400 mg per day in outpatients and up to 600 mg per day in hospitalized patients. In cases of extreme depression, daily doses of up to 800 mg have been used in hospitalized patients. To minimize daytime drowsiness, a major portion of the daily dose can be given at bedtime.


The most common problem with trazodone is sedation (drowsiness, lack of mental and physical alertness). This side effect is especially noticeable early in therapy. In most patients, sedation decreases or disappears entirely with time, but until then patients taking trazodone should not perform hazardous activities requiring mental alertness or coordination, including driving and similar activities. The sedative effect is increased when trazodone is taken with other central nervous system depressants, such as alcoholic beverages, sleeping medications, other sedatives, or antihistamines. It may be dangerous to take trazodone in combination with these substances.

Although lower in anticholinergic side effects than tricyclic antidepressants, trazodone should be used cautiously and with close physician supervision in people, especially the elderly, who have benign prostatic hypertrophy, urinary retention, and glaucoma, especially angle-closure glaucoma (the most severe form). Before starting treatment, people with these conditions should discuss the relative risks and benefits of treatment with their doctors to help determine if protriptyline is the right antidepressant for them.

Trazodone may increase heart rate and stress on the heart. It may be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease, especially those who have recently had a heart attack, to take this drug. In rare cases where patients with cardiovascular disease must take trazodone, they should be monitored closely for cardiac rhythm disturbances and signs of cardiac stress or damage.

Side effects

Trazodone shares side effects common to many antidepressants. The most frequent of these are dry mouth, constipation, and urinary retention, though these are less common than with tricyclic antidepressants. Increased heart rate, sedation, irritability, dizziness, and decreased coordination can also occur. As with most side effects associated with antidepressants, the intensity is highest at the beginning of therapy and tends to decrease with continued use.

Dry mouth, if severe to the point of causing difficulty in speaking or swallowing, may be managed by dosage reduction or temporary discontinuation of the drug. Patients may also chew sugarless gum or suck on sugarless candy in order to increase the flow of saliva. Some artificial saliva products may give temporary relief.

Men with prostate enlargement who take trazodone may be especially likely to have problems with urinary retention. Symptoms include having difficulty starting a urine flow and more difficulty than usual passing urine. In most cases, urinary retention is managed with dose reduction or by switching to another type of antidepressant. In extreme cases, patients may require treatment with bethanechol, a drug that reverses this particular side effect. In rare cases, trazodone has also been known to cause priapism, a prolonged and painful penile erection. People who think they may be experiencing any side effects from this or any other medication should tell their physicians.


Because both trazodone and members of the class of antidepressants known as monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors may increase serotonin levels in the brain, the combination of these drugs can lead to a condition known as serotonin syndrome. Symptoms of serotonin syndrome include a prolonged rapid heart rate, hypertension (high blood pressure), flushing of the skin, hallucinations , tremors, and hyperthermia (increased body temperature). Because of this, it can be dangerous to take trazodone in combination with MAO inhibitors such as Nardil ( phenelzine sulfate) or Parmate ( tranylcypromine sulfate). The same holds true when combining trazodone with a selective serotonin uptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant such as Prozac (fluoxetine), paroxetine, or sertraline.

Trazodone may increase the blood pressure–lowering effects in patients who are taking antihypertensive medications. Patients who take these drugs together should have their blood pressure monitored regularly so that their antihypertensive medications can be adjusted if their blood pressure becomes too low.

The sedative effects of trazodone are increased by other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol, sedatives, sleeping medications, or medications used for other mental disorders such as schizophrenia . The anticholinergic effects of trazodone may be additive with other anticholinergic drugs such as benztropine , biperiden , trihexyphenidyl , and antihistamines.

See also Neurotransmitters



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I was just put on Trazodone yesterday Nov 15th 2007 for sleep at night and omg i did not sleep all night long i am 48 i sure will not be taking anymore i will use something over the counter for sleep from now on. I do not understand why people now days have their Children on all these dang drugs. when i was a child we played outside all day long. that took care of our sleeping just fine
I've been on trazodne for a year and a half now it has been a life saver for me I could not sleep at all Ihave major anxiety disoder and reocuring depression I also take lexapro. I am so much better.
I have been taking Trazodone off and on for a year now for sleep. It has given me my life back. It works 99% of the time! I am thankful my doctor gave this to me. Little to know side effects.
I was recently prescribed this medication and am weary about taking it due to the fact that it is an anti-depressant. I was on Zoloft for 3 years and have been off of Zoloft for almost 7 months now. My doctor keeps saying that it is a MINOR anti-depressant but will help with my insomnia. Has anyone ever had any issues or severe side effects with this medication for the depression part? Whether or not it will help with the insomnia, it's the fact that it is an ANTI- DEPRESSANT that worries me. Any thoughts?
I have been on trazodone for a year or two. a very light dose and it has helped immensely w/my insomnia/anxiety. I was completely unaware that it was an antidepressant until now. I had my prescription run out and within two days, cannot sleep again.

I have never experienced any side effects, and get a good nights sleep everytime I take it without any drowsiness or lethargy the next day.
the stuff works..w/ no side effects except grogginess in the morning that goes away w/ little or no time
I have been taking Trazodone for a couple of years now for sleep, it works well. I take other medications that cause drowsiness so I can't determine if this adds to the effect. However, it is much better than other narcotics and I have no noticeable side effects. The 50 mg did not help sleep but the 100 mg works just fine.
To the person who is worried about Trazaone because it's an antidepressant= my patients who have depression and are on some other, much more potent meds for depression, take Trazaone for sleep only and many receive a good effect.
Trazadone is rarely if ever used as a first line treatment for depression anymore. It is too sedating, which makes it a bad antidepressant, but a good sleeping aid. I would go ahead and give it a try, knowing you will have some morning drowsiness that goes away fairly quickly, especially with a good strong cup of coffee.
I am naturally a poor sleeper, probably due to 'brain overload'. I have found Trazodone wonderful, and since taking it am catching up on all the hours lost through being unable to sleep. Dry mouth is a problem, as is feeling a bit 'woozy' first thing in the morning - soon rectified by a couple of cups of strong coffee. In short, I am grateful to my doctor for prescribing Trazodone, and enabling me to get restful sleep.
I have been taking Trazodone 300 mgs for a bout a year now. At first it helped me with sleep, but lately it isn't doing much for me. I was on vacation and couldn't sleep at all with it, even when I upped my dosage to 400 mgs. I am 6'4" and 240 lbs, and it might take more of it to sedate me than most. I have never had any side effects from it,and I am thinking about trying 500 mgs. just to see what happens. If that doesn't work, I have heard Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can work wonders with no drugs. That will by my next try. I have chronic ongoing insomnia for 35 years.
I was just given a prescription for Trazodone because Ambien was not working for me. But I am also on Prozac for depression. Is it safe to take these two together??
hi all- i have been on trazadone for about a year now. Helps very well with sleep. i have irrital bowel syndrome and it gets so bad to the point where im up all night in pain. it helps settle me down and it helps me sleep. i am also on Celexa for depression. for those who are weary- i take trazadone AND and anti depressant and i have had no bad side effects. please remember that everyone is different and no one knows your body better than you! some drowziness in the morning, typically called a trazadone hangover. no problem once you get up and get moving. i suggest starting out at 50 MG just to see how it works with you.
my doctor put me on trazodone for sleeping disorder and it hasn't worked for me what is the next best thing .
i just started taking Trazadone for insomnia and I'm having a slew of side effects...stomach pains, swollen sore hands, blurry eyes, a general "out of it" feeling. Has anyone else experienced these side effects and do they go away? On top of it all, it just doesn't seem to be helping much with my sleep. It still takes me awhile to fall asleep and I wake every two hours...sometimes not falling back asleep for and hour or so.
It sounds like you aren't on enough! I've been on it since 1993 (age 29) but have had insomnia since I was 8. I take it with prozac and abilify. If my dose isn't enough I can fall asleep but not stay asleep (waking up every two hours). So, I use 75mg when everything is calm in my life and use 100 mg (up to 150mgs) when things are stressful. (The doctor prescribes 150mgs per day so I can change it when necessary. No side effects ever and I dream too. It changed my life for the better.
I was taking trazadone for about two months for sleeping and it didnt do anything but make me tired all day long. My doctor suggested I may have restless leg syndrome and prescribed me requip. The first night I took it I slept for 4 hours and woke up so rested. Last night was night two and same thing 5 hours later up and ready to go. It is not a sleep aid but omgosh it helped so much. Maybe thats something else you can try?
I'm currently on 300mg of wellbutrin, 100mg of zoloft and 100-200mg of trazodone a day. The wellbutrin is for smoking cessation and depression the zoloft is for panic/anxiety disorder and the trazodone is for insomnia/anxiety. Just make sure to consult your psychiatrist and I say psychiatrist and not primary care doctor as they deal with these drugs on a much more consistent basis. Also you can do cognitive behavioral therapy along with these and greatly help your chances of being able to learn how to fix these issues no longer requiring medication.
been taking this medication for 1 week doctor prescribed it for me as suffering from stress anxiety seen 2 b working probably feel better in few weeks i hope
My doctor just put me on xanax .25 mg for anxiety, which so far hasnt worked and Trazodone to help me sleep. I havent taken it yet by itself. Will it just relax me to help sleep or knock me out. I need something to just help relax me and the xanax didnt work.
To Wendy- Xanax never worked for me, however Trazadone was effective. I was prescribed the Trazadone in a 100 mg tablet and told to take a quarter tablet if needed for anxiety and half to one full 100 mg tablet for sleeping. 100 mg for sleeping mad me irritable, but 50 mg was just right. It has been the only effective sleep aid that I have ever found.
To Wendy - It's quite likely that the .25 mg of Xanax didn't help your anxiety because it's a ridiculously low dose! Sounds like your doc gave you just a tiny dose of Xanax so he/she could pat themselves on the back and pretend they were addressing your anxiety problem--pretty common for doctors to do. If you're struggling with fairly severe anxiety, they should be prescribing at least .5mg-1mg, four times a day. (I've used Xanax as treatment for the burning pins-and-needles sensation I get as a symptom of fibromyalgia. My prescription is for up to 4 mg/day, divided into 2-4 doses; this has been my dosage for 10 years and I've never asked for an increase, craved more or tried to buy it "on the street"!) As for the Trazodone, you didn't say how much you were taking. I have a sleep disorder and take 150 mg/night, about an hour before bedtime. It doesn't really "knock me out." I just slowly get sleepy before eventually falling asleep. You will very likely be groggy in the morning. While Trazodone often helps with sleep problems, it's definitely NOT a good treatment for anxiety. "Kate" indicated that her doctor told her to take 25 mg for anxiety which I suspect was another case of the doc pretending they were addressing a patient's struggle with anxiety rather than prescribing sufficient Xanax. Doctors don't like to prescribe benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium because the patient can develop a physical dependence on them. The fact that they're one of the best ways to address anxiety (along with certain SSRI's like Celexa or Lexapro) is rarely the doctor's primary consideration.
Is there any adverse interaction between clonazepam (Klonopin) and trazadone? I'm on Cymbalta for depression, and my doctor put me on Klonopin and then Trazadone for insomnia. I also take Xanax occasionally for anxiety. Another doctor took me off Klonopin, but I haven't slept near as well.
Please don't assume Trazodone won't work for you, many times it is the dosage. I have not slept more than 5 hours a night for years, just thought I didn't need as much sleep as others, of course I was tired all day, usually took a nap also. I was prescribed trazodone and was told to take 25-50mg 20 minutes before I went to bed. I would always fall asleep quickly but didn't sleep any longer, so I quit taking it. My therapist suggested upping the dose to 75mg, which I did and bingo that was the amount I needed, started sleeping between 7 and 9 hours. The first couple of days I had a headache when I woke up, and felt hungover, but now I am fine. I will caution you that some people react differently, my brother was prescribed this for sleep, he slept that night and kept falling asleep the next day, he had to be switched to another sleep aid.
Been on xanax 0.5 mg for 3 years for anxiety (panic attacks). Was at the point having to take 3 a night to sleep. Doctor just put me on Trazadone 50 mg yeaterday. I did not fall alseep, I felt drowsy but did not fall asleep. At 2:30 am I had to take 2 xanax's to finally go to sleep. The goal is to eventually stop the xanax due to decrease in anxiety. Not sure 50mg is going to work or should I give it more time.
I am not being able to sleep because of this trazodone
To Traci,

When you first start this med is when you'll most likely feel the negative side effects. At first it didn't work for me and I was so mad and freaked out that I didn't want to try again. It gets better every night that you take it..and if you get a stuffy nose, that goes away too. Don't worry about weight gain or daytime drowsiness. Once it starts getting you to sleep well through the night, any drowsiness won't last long. The best way to take your trazzy is with an apple or some sort of very light snack. It makes a HUGE difference. Don't take it after anything heavy though or nothing at all.
I have had major depression for two years and have not had a good night sleep in a year. After failing to tolerate 14 different antidepressants from three psychiatrists, trazodone was prescribed to help with sleep. It has not worked at all and actually makes me quite restless. It also gives me a mild headache and fast heart rate. Although I believe my current head doc is the best one yet, I still feel like he has no idea what hes doing when it comes to medication.
I have been on 50mg of Trazadone for two weeks and this med was prescribe to help me sleep. This medication has the opposite effect on me, it gives me a burst of energy; this is not what I need at 10pm at night. Though I am grateful for the energetic feeling because I have not felt this way in a long time. I am going to ask my doctor to up the dose to 100mg to see if this will help me sleep.
Just picked up my script for Trazodone to treat my depression, and am concerned about it. I'm trying to change from Nefazodone to another anti-depression due to limited availability of Nefazodone. My Primary Health Provider suggested Trazodone.
Her instructions: 1 100mg Trazodone in the evening and 1 200mg Nefazodone in the morning for one week; then Trazodone in the evening and 1/2 200mg Nefazodone in the morning for one week. And finally 1 Trazodone in the evening and 1/4 Nefazone in the morning for one week. And then continue with only Trazodone in evening.
The bottle reads 1 or 2 100mg at night for sleep.
I don't have insomina, so unsure of the effectiveness of this drug for depression.
Any sugguestions?
I believe that people should just stop taking drugs like these. There is an "All Natural" alternative to all these drugs. It is called marijuana. I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Marijuana has been proven to help treat many diseases such as; insomnia, trouble eating, depression and many more. Give it a try, get marijuana legalized for medical use in your state.
Ok, been on this trazadone 1 month, only complaint for me is stomach pain. Everytime I eat I have horrible gas! Whats up with this and do you think it will go away!!
I have been taking Trazodone for many years. I am up to 300 mg at night. The problem now is when i do not take it, i do not sleep a wink at night. I can close my eyes but can not sleep at all. I used to ne able to take naps and now I can't. Sometimes I want to but can't.
I have been on Trazodone for 2 months after trying several other sleep medications the past few years. It worked great at first but now I'm having problems with it. Went to the eye dr today and he said it will dilate your pupils and cause slow reactions and sensitivity to light. I certainly notice all of those. I would like to get off it completely but heard it takes a while to wear off. My ultimate goal is to get off sleep medication completely. I'm so afraid not to take anything though. If I have any kind of drink at night, I don't sleep at all and it takes a day or two to feel halfway normal again.
I have taken Ambien for 2 years and due to all the crazy side effects and a recent tattoo that I have no recollection of getting, my doctor has changed me to Trazodone. I will take the first dose tonight. Is there anything I need to know in advance? I do not take any other presrciptions at all. Aleve occassionally but I was up to 4-5 Tylenol PM's just to get 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Since going through very early menopause, I cannot fall asleep. I can go up to 36 hours without sleeping and that does not make me a very happy person to live with! Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)
tonight i couldnt sleep and had a panic attack im 17 years old and i weigh about 299 . My mom gave me a trazadone to help me sleep. it was a 100mg so i cut it in half so i basicly took 50 mg im not on any other medicine but lexapro but right after i took the trazadone i got really dizzy my eye site was horid and my mouth tingly and i couldnt hold myself up then i made myself puke homping to get it out of my systym thinking about overdosing. i still really drowsy but afraid to go to sleep considering i can barley breath and its already 5:27 am. I need some reenrrence that i am okay if not please tell me.
i have just been put on trazadone mainly for sleep, but im also suffering with severe depression and im on 50 mg to start. im very nervous about getting back on anti-deppressants cause after many years of taking abilify i was diagnosed with diabetes. i was takimg chantix and stopped about 3 weeks ago and im wondering if it wasnt the reason for triggering the chemical imbalance again as i had been off all anti depressants for around a year and never felt so clear headed and stable minded in all my life. needless to say im very concerned if i am reverting back to my depressive symptoms permanantly now and if the trazadone will get me back on track to feeling stable again
I was diagnosed with several different depressive disorders from anxiety to bipolar disease. has anyone heard of reoccuring depression, after taking chantix?
I have been taking trazodone for a few short months because I was have prolems with my stomache, but I also take Warfain( blood thinner), and my INR levels have been steadily going up. Yesterday it was a staggering 5.1 and I was asked what have I been taking , when I told them about my Gastrologist giving this medication, I then learned that it may be due to taking just 1 50mg. tablet at night. Even though my stomache feels much better and I have been able to keep my foods down , I need to now stop taking Trazodone. I would like to know if I now will have any wild side effects if I stop taking this medication, even under a Doctor's watchful eyes?
this drug is being ministered to an 16 year old black male in state institution he's complaining of headaches and looking out into the distance just staring with little or no thought, elevated blood pressure and also they are saying his blood sugar is elevated, what if anything shouldbe done about this
Just started to take Zoloft and Trazodone together and although I get a little shaky and my vision is blurred, I feel more normal now than ever. I have a horrible temper, stress, insomnia, depression, and panic attacks. Since I've been taking these drugs I have felt so much better. It's hard for me to get angry, and I can deal with things much more evenly now.
I started Trazone about a week ago. It was prescribed to me for insomnia and the dosage of 100 mg. It has not been effective and my doctor told me to now take 2 tablets at night. Still not working. So I tried 2 1/2 tablets and after and hour of not being able to sleep, I take an additional 1/2 tablet and the good thing is I finally fall asleep and stay asleep for 12 hours or more. I don't want that. Also, waking up with headaches. Any advice, please?
I was given a perscription for doctor sent me to sleep apnia clinic...I did not sleep at all..I have chronic migrane headaches daily & wake up with horrible headache every morning..I can't remember the last time I have slept more than 3-4 hours a night..I get up in morning in pain everyehere in my body..I take Fioricet/codiene 3 x day and it only works for a few hours before my head is pounding..My neck hurts all the time which is where my headaches come from..I take Plavix every morning because I had 2 stents put in almost one year ago. The doctor that perscribe said my sleep apneia test showed i get no deep restful sleep...I have been taking Ambien for about 6 months & only sleep short whle. I also have fibromyalgia.I take requip because my hands shake so badly..same Doctor perscribed that. I also have high blood pressure..I also have sever panic attacks & anxiety..someone please tell me taking Trazodone will help me..I want to stop hurting all day long & then not sleeping at night..I also take Clonaepam for my nerves. How many more pills do I have to take to be able to stop hurting & be able to sleep at least 8 hours a night..Is there hope for me..
Dear Trasodone Takers,first of all the FDA hasn't approved this drug per the article above, and it's only made in the US. That should tell you something. I'm on Effexor, Xanax, Seroquel and was doing fine until I hit a really rough patch and was hospitalized. The facility I was at put me on 100mg at bedtime and I became a zombie. Health facilities and doctors have their favorite drugs and may throw anything at you because it's in thier best economic interest. Also, pay attention to the fact that Trazodone effects the level of seratonin your body makes IN THE GASTROLOGICAL system which may bring on IBS attacks (irritable bowel syndrome). Some of you were complaining of IBS. And don't you love the weight gain? So here's the deal: it will put you out alright but you won't remember who you were - not really. See, this drug messes with both your serotonin and inhibitors. You're walking a slippery slope taking this drug, especially if it is interacting with other SSRI's which have their own effects. I'M GETTING RID OF THIS STUFF! I get jerked around enough by life. Good luck to you all,
I took Trazadone when I was younger (Late 20's) and it had a profound effect on my ability to sleep. I didn't like the feeling of being knocked out, and I think 150mg to start was too much back then. Now in my 50's, back on Trazadone (100-150mg nightly)as an anti-depressant and sleep aid, and it is working wonders for me. Much better able to tolerate it, and get a good solid 7 hours sleep now as opposed to 3-4 without. It does make me hungry at night, so you need to watch out for that. It sure beats all the other anti-depressants in that there is NO FLUORIDE in Trazadone. We get enough of that rat poison in our drinking water. Trazadone also tends to lower your blood pressure, so it seems to be a good all-around product for me. Slight grogginess in the AM which dispels quickly enough.
connie Fisher
i have taken trazodone for two years i also take fluoxetine 40mg one every morning also take bupropion 75 mg onetablet twice daily,i take one tablet morning two tablets bedtime of nortriptylin 25 mg so my family doctor told me that trazodone and nortriptylin does the same thing i quit taking trazodone for 4 days i have been waking up three times a night with worse headaches than i have ever had. i was wondering if it could be from not taking that medicine .
Been on antidepressants for 16 years, currently Effexor - which is what works for me, and been taking for about 10 years. Have learned to "read" my emotional state - with the seasonal fluctations correlating with the amount of sunlight - and adjust my dosage accordingly (prescribed up to 600mg/day). Now it's fall, I take 450mg, by winter I'll be at 600mg. Back around to summer I'll drop to 300 or 150. Also have anxiey disorder, sleep problems and fibromyalgea. For sleep, I take 25-100mg of Trazadone (again relying on my body's "feel" or "state of mind"). With the Effexor, as long as I take it so that I can allow at least 8 hours of sleep, I am fine - get good restful sleep. If less than 8 hours, I may wake up groggy. Sometimes I take a Lyrica at bedtime - to control the pain from fibromyalgea that still surfaces in my sleep. Xanax is usually taken during the day, so it rarely is part of my bedtime "cocktail". Everyone needs to find the combination that works for them. It just takes time and a good doc.
I started taking Trazodone 4 days ago and I'm already constipated. Will this subside or will I have to take a laxative daily?
I been on trazadone 400 mg a day for 8 yrs.along with ambien i was on so much other medicine for depression,bi polar,anxiety i gained over 100 lbs. Now I'm diabetic, hypertension,high cholesterol.i been off all my medicines for bi polar,depression for 8 months but wanting to know how can i get off of trazadone i get migrains,stiff neck an so hungry after i take trazadone. I want off.
Is it true that trazodone increase your sex drive.I didn't believe that.I was telling the Dr about no urge for sex and they told me that trazodone was for that.and then I started crying and was figitting.
How strong is trazodone as an anti-anxiety drug.Is it as strong as diazepan?
It is a good drug to help you fall asleep. I have used it in the past and I'm going to start so again. Just know that when you take it you will become really sleepy in about 30 minutes. Be ready to go to bed and I can assure you that you will have a good nights sleep. I never woke up foggy or anything else. I woke up refreshed and ready to start my day. Good luck with your therapy.
I have been taking Trazodone 50 mg and sertraline 100 mg/daily for 6 weeks in order to sleep very well. Before using this medications, I have Tinnitus in both years, but right now, I feel that my tinnitus has got worse. I am asking if this side effects will gone after using medications?

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