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Me and my wifey

Me and my wifey

Postby Simon_Says » Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:02 pm


I am a new member and am very happy I found this site. My wife and I both have schizophrenia. I have auditory hallucinations and she has tectile (feeling) hallucinations and auditory. I love my wife very much but it really has been very very trying for the both of us (more so me). I don't know who to turn too because meds are not cutting it. My auditory are pretty much controlled with medication but with her were still trying to get the right combination. We even recently started counselling with a very good Psych. I think there is promise if she just keeps an open mind. She can be very headstrong at times and rightfully so because all the tectile feelings she get are extremely real to her even though their not there. I think something else is at fault but don't want to talk about it cause it bothers me and is not very productive. At any hand it really means a lot to be able to just voice myself without her getting upset. Please Help!
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Postby psammead » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:16 am

who is to say the tactile sensations are not there?

It is the interpretation she is placing on the sensations i.e. what they might mean? what might be causing them? what is their significance? that is causing the problem

If she could just accept the sensations and allow them to be, without getting caught up in what they mean, it might help her.

I have tinnitus (noise in my ears) which is there all the time, but I am not aware of it all the time, and when I do become aware of it I acknowledge it and ignore it and get on with what I am doing. I can't change the tinnitus, but I can change how I respond to it (i.e. whether I get angry or upset about it, say I can't stand it etc)
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