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Postby mrst53 » Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:53 am

I am new here, but I am a very worried Mom. My son, has become so afraid of germs, that he won't touch even touch the trash can,he makes his wife and kids wash their hands before they touch him, he washes the littlest cut over and over with soap and water and then pours alchohal on it. He is very worried about this "staphyococcus aureus" germ that is now out there, that has no cure. He is worried about MRSA. My daughter-in-law, should take stock in clorox. He admits that he has a problem, but doesn't think that anyone can help him. Altho, my husband always complained that I was a lousy housekeeper, my son, was always the typical teen and college student. After college, he wanted things neat, but not like this. This is just recent. Does anyone have any suggestions, before he becomes another MONK?
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