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Aging mother mental disorders

Aging mother mental disorders

Postby WORDLYPURRFECT » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:09 pm

Thank God I found this website, searching high and low for weeks.... and looking for answers! My mother, a young 80 and alert, suddenly has 'episodes' where she thinks that my father is HER father. She sees her husband's face, identifies him in pictures; however, she states that her FATHER looks exactly like her HUSBAND. They are never in the same room together, and she gets very agitated when her father comes because her HUSBAND then disappears and she worries about where he has gone and when he will be back! She claims her FATHER is wearing her husband's clothes, and going to her husband's job in the morning (dad works for a few hours every morning at 80 years old). She clearly identifies pictures of her deceased father, but says that they look like TWINS. When she identifies the picture of her father and is asked how they could look alike now and don't in the pictures, her rationale (or IRRATIONAL) is that her father is younger in the pictures and looks exactly like her husband now that he is older. She recognizes everyone, still takes care of herself and daily activities, still recalls things about her children, grand children and great grandchildren... but has this problem periodically. We do not know what triggers it, but my father continues to try to convince her that all of this is not happening, even though my mother perceives it and will never believe him, just gets more agitated when he tries to convince her. I'm far away and need to find some 'diagnosis,' other than dementia, because that just doesn't fit the whole picture. HELP! I need some ideas. Thanks!!! :roll:
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Postby Lynn » Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:42 am

Is your Mom on any new meds, or have dosing changes recently been made?
When did you first notice the change in her behavior, did it coincide with any other significant events?
Also does she recall these events after they occur?
It's difficult to make a suggestion without more information.
Bring your concerns up with your/her doctor, and if you don't get answers that are satisfactory ask for a referral to a psychiatrist or mental health worker who specializes in geriatrics.
Record everything when it happens, it's always easier than trying to remember off the top of your head: date, time and what may have triggered it.
All the best, Lynn
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