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Women who do Fortuitism (rubbing) Women’s reaction flashing

Women who do Fortuitism (rubbing) Women’s reaction flashing

Postby Dog6682 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:12 am

Women who do Fortuitism (rubbing) Women’s reaction to flashers

There was a previous post by a hairdresser who would press his penis against his clients as he cut their hair and according to him sometimes they would push back.

This happened to me once on the subway and multiple times when I had my hair cut. I did not initiate contact but enjoyed the experience.
On the crowed subway, I was holding onto a rail near the door so that my fist was at the height of her bottom. She pressed her bottom against my fist and kept it there. After about fifteen minutes, I moved my hand down the rail. She immediately moved down and center bottom over my fist. There was no need for her to move over.

Sitting in a barber’s chair with my hands curved over the ends of the armrest she would rub herself on my hands. No other women who has cut my hair since has done it.

This leads me to women’s reaction to flashing. Women state fear, anger, disgust and amusement but never interest or arousal as their reaction to flashing. The negative reactions I do not question but no one has explored the other end of the continuum. No. This is not entirely a delusional fantasy.

Exposing myself started when I was twenty-eight. It started when a girl brazenly walked into the pool changing room, sat down, lit a cigarette and watched me take my clothes off. We never spoke.

On a train, my intended victim was craning her neck to get a better view. She initiated verbal contact. She said she liked the newspaper I was reading and could she have a peak. The newspaper was covering my erection. As the train pulled into the station she stopped at my seat and asked me if I had eaten lunch. I was too nervous and I declined the offer.

A very hot summer day in a camp ground in New Jersey I flashed my girlfriend’s friend/co-worker and one of her best surgical nurses. It started after dinner when someone offered me a martini which I never had before. She was sitting on a long wooden bench directly across from me. Wearing shorts I pull my penis out of my underwear on the right side. She had a direct view. So my girlfriend did not see I kept adjusting my position to the right. Every time I moved the nurse moved down the bench until suddenly she fell off the edge. She fell into a perfect sitting position not spilling her martini and laughing at what she had done. She kept looking until I had to go the bathroom to throw up. On the way home my girlfriend said oh you showed off your baby balls then started laughing.

Flashing on the subway I have gotten up and moved my seat. The person I flashed moved to seat across from me again. I also flashed a teacher on the subway. The subway car was almost empty and I did not need to cover up. I could expose myself completely. As more people boarded I cover up more. In order to maintain her line of sight she took out some construction paper and almost laying down on the bench seat across from me started draw on the paper. All the time to she was looking over.
I don’t flash in public any more.

My nurse practitioner I have known for twenty years tolerates my erection. She has given me affection, attention, assurance and acceptance.
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Postby Vince » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:57 pm

that is so sweet that you find someone who accepts you. I do not know people are opposed to flashing. I man if you are in a relationship fair enough some people want to sav etheir bodies for their lovers to heighten excitment but I don't know why otherwise. Perhaps they feel taht if everyone flashed it would loose its magic. perhaps its the tabboo that makes it enjoyable I see no issue with nudity to those who desire to be so. I can see why it is appealing. more power to you mate.
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