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Possible psychopathic son, help

Possible psychopathic son, help

Postby kidney1 » Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:06 pm

I believe my son may be psychopathic. He fits many of the criteria outlined in the hare checklist. I wish I had found it sooner when he was younger. He's 19 now and has always been in trouble at school and home. examples was never would follow house rules, did not do chores, never complied with curfew. would steal from home or any one he was associated with. would go to friends home and play with them allday video games and would steal from them at the same time. money, games clothes. This started a a very young age7 or 8 years old. He cannot keepa job alway gets fired for stealing, no going to work late to work. Has a very high sense of self worth. Recently left home and we discovered that he had stolen many items from our home. cameras, jewelry, electronics. He's am pathological lyer and only uses people for what they can do for him. Has no real remorse for hurtingpeople. Promiscuis and goes from girlfriend to girlfriend. will use these girls for their money and body anddump them and moveon to the next one. Any suggestions on what I can do Do I just let him be or is there an intervention forpeople like him. I'm now afraid that his younger brother is starting to show many of these traits but not as many. Stealing and lying mostly. HELP!
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Postby MsFortitude » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:00 pm

your observation could be a multiple of things. The first is he could just be spoiled and uncaring, the second could be that he is just not happy because of his environment or the 3rd could unfortunately be some type of psychotic disorder like substance abuse or schizophrenia in all its glory. The first thing you need to do is genuinely rule out the first two and then try again.
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Trust Your Instincts and Research

Postby BT » Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:37 pm

[u][b]Trust your instinct and your research.[/b][/u] Since you mention Hare...I know you have done your research. I speak from my own situation, experience and research. My son is 19 with the same symptoms. In his early teen years....his school sent us to Community Mental Health, we were there with outpatient service for 4 years. Nothing helped. We went through all the misdiagnosis' and associated medications. They are born this way and at this time you will find out you have to deal with it or separate yourself from them.
As a mother you struggle with dealing with it or kicking them out. It was also suggested I spoiled my son, but I knew I did not. Your son is not spoiled and you are right. There are no suggestions. There is no help. Research shows most people on their own with these mental conditions end up in prison because there is no place for them and they cannot abide by society's rules. Mental disorders are not dealt with well and still taboo in our society. Read the books: "Without Conscience" and "Emotional Vampires. [u][b]Without Conscience is the best.[/b][/u]These will help you understand and goes deep with what research has found.Professionals are still researching to find a way to help these individuals.
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Postby Kathyred » Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:25 am

Just out of interest was there a traumatic event in their childhood that you think may have led them to behave like this?
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