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Narcissisitic Personality the result of childhood pampering

Narcissisitic Personality the result of childhood pampering

Postby elizabeth Johnson » Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:13 am

A 33 year old, divorced mother with cyctic fibrosis ans a 9 year old son. Mother's bouts are serious and at times has not been expected to survive. Howevere, in between bouts, she seems capable of routine tasks as well as is able to entertain her live in boyfriend. Child frequently does not wake up in mornings early enough to attend school, is frequently unaware of assignments. Mother demands that child be mature enough to aattend to his own needs i.e. get up, get dressed, fix breakfast. He is responsible fro caring for his own clothing aand usually looks like a raggamuffin. He recently went to Canada with his grandmother, had a wonderful time and upon his return, his mother without listening to the details of his trip, grounded himfor a week for failure to wash his clothes. Grandmother feels reqponsible for the situation due to the intensity of her early care to the mother. Child stays with grandmother on Friday nights and begs to stay longer. Mohter disagrees. Boyfriend is mother's back up. CHild is anxious, angry, depressed. Any input appreciated.[code][/code]
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