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You guys worry too much.

You guys worry too much.

Postby Wowzers » Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:10 pm

Seriously, I've got a lot of these disorders wrapped up into one and I don't walk around thinking about them constantly; that's just a good way of letting them rule you.

Look, I'm truly trying to help here:

Got a SO that has 'problems' you're having issues dealing with? Either decide to work it out or decide to leave. They ought to do the same. Also bear in mind that you do not hold a superior standing just as they are the one with the 'problems'. Yeah, don't play the martyr either. They also need to understand that they've no less power over themselves than you.

You yourself have a 'problem'? Find a long-term solution to it, whatever that may be, like now, and then don't look back. Ever. Don't even factor it into your thinking. It's there but it isn't; and get on with living.

You work so hard to find ways of 'dealing' with 'it' that 'it' never actually gets dealt with. Your life will become an endless quest of dealing with 'it', 'it' will define your entire existence. Ultimately you need to deal with it yourself, and in my experience that largely constitutes squaring with it.

Also, if you aren't 'normal' then it's time to begin defining yourself rather than trying to match the standard definition.

In my mind - I have problems, yet there is nothing "wrong" with me.

You needn't make your life into a drama; I certainly once did. Also things likely aren't as dramatic as you believe them to be; at any rate, you need to harden yourself. The normal density people walk around with isn't tough enough for you. Harden yourself, or be taken care of, up to you...

Just quit chasing your tail.

Also consider this: "Woeways them" (the poor people you afflict) is just as bad as "Woeways me". No one is a victim or else everyone is a victim.

I've probably only wasted my time but there it is.
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Postby axion » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:55 am

You have no idea what your talking about!! I find it very strange that you are even here!!

Any one who has been in any kind of relationship with Histronic's knows what the hell is like living with them and how dangerous these people can become!

Trying to leave a histronic is like throwing a sword up in the wind and then trying to catch it by the handle with your eyes blind folded!

These people will track you down, hire private detectives to locate you, call your boss and tell them your stealing from the company, call your family members and say "you have always hated them", and go to just about any sick mile to continu the abuse for shutting off the "SUPPLY" valve.

My advice to you.... admit that your comments are very much inline with the same thinking as anyone who has either N.P.D. or H.P.D.

You have no empathy what so ever!! or even one ounce of understanding of these mental disorders!

AFTER ALL YOU SAID IT ALL when you said:

"In my mind - I have problems, yet there is nothing "wrong" with me."
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Postby Chrissie » Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:20 pm

Each of us is individual in the way we respond to the world, including how we react to health problems. Some are more resilient and down to earth than others. People can help themselves much of the time but if something is disrupting normal life, they need to do something about it, whether it is information-seeking, psychotherapy, medication, or changing their lifestyle in some other way.

One of the ways which has definitely been found to help is to discuss the problem(s) with someone else, whether it's a professional, a close friend or a forum like this - in fact, it's been estimated that sixty percent of the benefit of seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor has been found to be the ability to talk about the problem in a safe environment with someone who is supportive. Which you may not be?
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Postby kallisti » Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:35 pm

I see some valuable truth in your post. I needed that. Thank you.
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