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HPD in a Spouse

HPD in a Spouse

Postby fatherof3 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:51 pm

My spouse has exhibited a lot of the HPD symptoms discussed in this forum. She wants everyone's attention even going as far as changing the subject in conversations to become the center of attention.

She has this thing for older men and is always seeking their attention even right in front of me. She has a friend that lives near us who is twice her age that she finds excuses to go visit, always taking things to him and just has to go visit on her own leaving me watching the kids. She says nothing is going on but I just found out that he has made advances towards her and she still insists on going to see him because the kids like him.

What I'm wondering is that is it normal for a spouse (myself) to be deliberately ignored because she has already conquered me and the novelty has worn off? Ever since we got married she has chastised me for wanting to hold hands and cuddle in public or spend a lot of time together. It makes me wonder if she wants to appear "Unattached" so she can get more attention. She cares more about the impressions of complete strangers that about what I need. When the mail main came to the door one day she about stumbled over herself to go run out the door and yell Thank you to him.

We are separated now because one day she came out and told me that she just didn't feel anything for me anymore. She didn't feel a connection. But she doesn't want a divorce. I think she wants to hang onto me for the attention.

Is this the normal behavior that a spouse gets? She's been married three times before me and now I know why. This is my second marriage.
She appears to have a pattern. She attracts a guy and floods him with attention. When he reciprocates, she says he is smothering her or some other line of BS and then she gets cold and finds some lame excuse to end it.
All of this unfolded with me in less than a year. Her longest marriage lasted two years.
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old men

Postby raceshirt » Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:05 pm

my ex partner was hpd and had a thing for relationships with old men not sexual but was overly involved in there lives , older men are often single and needy and give attention to her , they became enchanted by her as she was very attractive and get hooked on her. I had on 3 seperate occasions warn them off for becoming to attached , an hpd partner is very dangerous and will ring you and anyone else out to dry before moving onto the next victim, they lie cheat and have mutiple affairs to get the attention they need, if you need more let me know.
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