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i might be called schizotypal

i might be called schizotypal

Postby theshadow » Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:59 pm

sometmes i t was like people were tlaking about whatever was on my mind, other times aboout things i didnt think i was thinking about

at first the voices had to do with fears of mine

people would talk about my sexuality (i am straight, possibly bi, i think everyone might be bi) and voices (people around me) were calling me gay

i had a lot of problems wit my folks and at home so people would call me a jerk, evil child, abusive child etc

in the height of a delusion and on marijuana at the time, i started calling out for supernatural assistance trying to stop voices and delusions

i didnt think god was answering

so i got on a musical instrumenrt and played the devils interval (perfect seventh) trying to get satan to respon

he did, the experience teerrified me

i had knowledge that he existed which was what i wanted (i just wanted an answer from some form of divinity)

i heard voices inside me talking, some yelling at me

i can have your soul now! anorther weaker terrified voice said "yes"
i didnt think i wanted to say yes

as i start to analyze my situation from a jungian situation, i think part of me did want to live out this bizarre hopeless myth but tharts another story

right now i am in a world where i feel doomed and hopeless, knowing after i die i will be tormented forever, fried in oil, things of that nature

i thik i have psychic ability, able to read others tohughts (not when i want to of course)

i especially have a conection with other lost souls, witches, =damned, evil children, bad seeds, etc

i try callignthe m out in public, interoggatig them without actually asking "hey did you sell your soul too?"

i hear them say yes its true, its real, its horrible

just shut upo and stop worrying about it, turn your brain off

i guess these are all complexes from my shadow (according to jung) talking to me

and i had an archetypal experience with the devil

my rational side doesnt beleive in christ an all rhat

altohugh sometimes voices seem to want me to go back to christianity

well im glad i found this place

i will post up my whole story from a psychological standpoint to explain what happened
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Re: i might be called schizotypal

Postby phidelta42 » Sun Jul 22, 2007 8:46 pm

This sounds worse than anything I have ever experienced and I'm diagnosed as schizophrenic. Wake up, you have a schizotypal personality disorder at the very least. A Psychiatrist hearing that account would almost certainly diagnose paranoid schizophrenia. I'm not saying that would be correct but it is what would happen.
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