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Postby Alice-Tamago » Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:08 am

Okay so I'm one of those people who are really paranoid. Not just a bit, ALOT. Like I have a fear of people breaking into my house, sometimes I won't even sleep, sometimes I'll even walk around the house at night/morning for hours, checking the doors constantly etc. I also have this stupid paranoid feeling that people can read my mind. Yes, I know its retarded but I can't help it, I'll like try real hard to make my mind blank. I believe that there are cameras everywhere, watching everything I do (when I think logically, I know its a stupid thing to think, but I still think it). Just lots of paranoid things like that. Also if like I feel a tiny bit sick, or I got hurt somehow, I'll just over think everything then jump to the worst conclusion, yes, I usually think I'll die from everything. I also get extremely paranoid that everybody hates me, and that my friends (kind of friends, only talk to them a bit) all talk about how they hate me, and they're just pretending to like me (which did happen at my previous school). I have mild obsessive compulsive disorder, and general anxiety disorder, and very possibly depression. So is this paranoid stuff caused by something I've already got, or have I got ANOTHER damn mental disorder?

-Thanks, really want to know.
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Symptoms of OCD?

Postby lullabyali » Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:03 pm

The only person who can really help you figure it out is a psychologist.I don't think anyone else can you tell you what you have,but I'll give you my opinion.It seems like these symptoms are from OCD.From what I read about OCD,what you described in your post goes with the symptoms of this disorder.I'm no Psychologist or expert on this disorder so I can be wrong,just wanted to help.I just hope you figure out why you have those symptoms, and hopefully get rid of those paranoid thoughts,best of luck!
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