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Is this a mental disorder?

Is this a mental disorder?

Postby any » Mon May 17, 2010 7:53 am


This is regarding my mother-in-law. After I got married just few months back, I am hearing that she is ill , she has back-ache etc and that she is not able to do any household work. I readily accepted that and tried to do all the work inspite of my busy office schedules.

But after few days she started complaining that she wants to work outside because the amount that my husband gives her monthly for personal expenses is not enough for her. We couldnt do anything because my husband was giving his maximum salary in these family expenses with almost no savings. She got a part-time job and we thought this would solve her problem.

After somedays our old maid got fracture in her leg and she had to go home. But my mother-in-law wanted her to stay back and told that she would take care.The family members objected to her immature behavior. We didnt want to keep the ill lady with our risk. After she went home, my mother -in -law got surprisingly depressed. We all said that let us keep another maid for a while.After few days we thought she felt ok.

After sometime, she started arguing unnecessarily with all the family members on several reasons without any grounds. Now she is suddenly feeling depressed and saying that she has no-one with her. If she feels the back-pain again , she will go and admit herself in the hospital even if this is for some pathological tests. She lays down most of the time and cry.She also takes sleeping pills sometimes(She was a nurse in one hospital , so she has fair idea about medicines and doctors etc).

We are not able to understand what can be done about this? Asking her to go to a psychiatrist had a violent reaction before. Is this a mental disorder at all? Can someone please help?
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