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Wrong diagnosis?

Wrong diagnosis?

Postby hoppipola » Sun May 09, 2010 9:12 pm

first of all, hi, i am new here.

i am 22 years old male studying at college. i started to get therapy about 3 months ago after breaking up with my girlfriend who i also believe is not mentally stable. i stayed in therapy for 2 months.

my symptoms were lack of self-confidence, solitude, general dislike of what people usually do as hobbies, finding college or education meaningless...

after 6 or 7 weeks my therapist suggested that i have a narssistic PD. at the time i was being threatened by "friends" around me and react angrily. i was afraid to let people see my real "face" so i was keeping distance.

after being "labeled" i accepted and started reading about NPD. i read several freud, fromm, kohut, kernberg etc... and decided that i am not a narssist. instead i have avoidant personality disorder.(i found the dsm 4 at a library and i fit 3/9 in NPD and 6/7 APD)

i have tons of memories being embarrassed by childhood friends and relatives. i dont like my appaerance and i think i am ugly. also i am socially inadequate, i can not blend in, i always get the "is he crazy?" look.

being labeled as NPD by a professional now made me even more shy and esteemless and for 2 weeks i thouht that everybody around me knew that i was NPD and made fun of me.

as a self claimed Avoidant i deperately need some sort of feedback or acknowledgement.
what do you think?
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Postby nidorecall » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:59 pm

Firstly, you should change therapists, because any psychologist/psychiatrist who suggested a diagnoses of narssistic pd by means of symptoms that you described is not ready to give advise..... but you should try organizing how you will become an extroverted person. seriously study it. read all you can about what makes people like other people and instill those successful social qualities within yourself. This definately helped me along the way a few years back.
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