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Advice/ Assistance, Regarding HPD

Advice/ Assistance, Regarding HPD

Postby cabaretic » Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:37 pm

Hello Everyone!

I'm writing to you to see if anyone can provide some clarity and some advice.

A co-worker of mine has always exhibited an eccentric, quirky personality, which I just chalked up to the fact that she is very creative and artistic. However, as I have a sister who was diagnosed with BPD, I always recognized some troubling similarities between the two of them and knew they probably trended towards pathology rather than just eccentricity. This is why I decided to sit down today and read the diagnosis of a Histrionic PD in totality. After doing so I realized that my co-worker fits the profile to a T. Most of my questions were answered as a result of doing the research and I'm very glad to have the knowledge now.

My question to you is how one manages a working relationship with someone who has HPD? She and I both work in a small office, so we interact on a fairly regular basis. I have to rely on her to do certain tasks that I can't do by myself, so taking into account how her disorder manifests itself is something I have to find a way around, regardless.

Any and all advice anyone could give would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
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dealing with histrionics

Postby sense55 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:20 pm

hi cabaretic

i've had a similar experience when i could put HPD in framework after doing research. it was such a relief to make sense of a lot of behaviors, like suggestive/flirtatious interactions but no real interest. it all made sense when i found out about this condition.

one of the things i've read about this is that you can't really "win" with people like this, in the sense that you can't get your point across even when your position might be the favorable/logical/rational etc. so no point going that way, trying to explain things. what people with this condition DO respond to well is attention. the want/crave/desire attention so you have to give it to them if you want things to be on positive terms.

of course it's difficult to give attention when you are annoyed or even downright irratated by their unreasonable behavior sometimes. there isn't really much else to do though. nothing else works. i've tried this. you will have to learn to step back and let her enjoy the limelight if you want to get anywhere.

hope this helps.
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