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Postby Stefan » Wed Mar 07, 2007 8:45 pm

I'm new to this forum and am looking for a place where I can discuss my condition with a degree of anonymity so please go easy on me Dudes and Dudettes.

I live in Los Angeles and am a hairdresser (from personal experience, one of the few "straight" ones here). My problem is that I am a frotteur. I 'enjoy' rubbing my genitals against other people. I know this may sound weird to some people and, at times, it also sounds weird to me, but at the same time I can see no harm in it.

Typically, when I am cutting the hair of some lady who looks and smells gorgeous I start getting sexually excited and, before I know it or can stop myself, I will bend at the knees slightly (on the pretext of, say, trimming a fringe) and gently press my genitals against her arm. Occasionally, very occasionally, the lady will pull her arm away but, more often than not, she will either leave it there or even push back slightly, increasing the pressure. I know that in almost every case the lady involved either does not mind or actually enjoys the experience.

I find that I can achieve very high states of sexual excitement from this, even to the point of orgasm. I wear towels to prevent this showing and always have spare underwear to change into which I may need to do two of three times a day.

I often feel guilty after this though and just cannot wait to finish the job and get the customer out of the salon.

My major concern is that one day I may screw up in some way and do it to a lady who doesn't like it and presses charges. If this were to happen, I would be absolutely mortified with embarrassment. I know that the lady would have a difficult time proving anything in a court of law and, even if it were to come to this, I doubt the punishment would be very harsh. What does worry me though is the damage that it would do to my professional reputation. It could ruin me (although, as a friend whom I once confided in pointed out, it could also make me a lot more popular).

I am keen to know if anyone else 'suffers' from frotteurism or has been a frotteur in the past and has somehow 'got over it'.

BTW. I am in a fantastic relationship with a lady who has agreed to marry me. I have told her of my fetish and, while she understands, recommended I talk about it to someone. That is why I am posting here.

Anyone have any ideas or opinions on this?
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Postby Lee Grulez » Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:00 pm

Jeez mate. i have the same thing as you but i didnt know what it was called till now. i was just browsing this forum looking to see if i could find anyone with aggression problems like mine but this has been a real eye-opner.

i been into it since i was about 13 - im 23 now- so ten yeers i reckon.

im a bit different from you because i dont do it in my job. im a meatworker so it would be a bit hard. where i do it is on the rugby league field. most of you yanks probly have never herd of rugby league but its a sport played mainly in Australia and a couple of other towns and things round the world. its abit like american football because you have an oval ball and have to tackle players but the main difference is that it doesnt stop after a tackle like american football. you just try and hold the player down for a bit to let your team to get back into position but your not aloud to held them down more than a few seconds or the whistle-blower will ping ya for it.

the point is though that while your holding a player down hes trying to get up and sort of thrashes about a bit to try and get you off. in my case they get me off in another way. i lay on top of them and i get all excited as they rub their arses against my wedding tackle. trouble for me is that these are other blokes i'm playing against, not chicks like you. im not worried about the rubbing up bit so much as the fact that im getting horny rubbing up against blokes but to tell the truth it doesnt really matter to me whether its a bloke or a bird.

do you think this makes me gay or buy sexual or something. im really a bit worried about it. i want to play in the nrl proffessional sides one day but i don't want to get smacked up by some gorilla who takes offence.

btw off the field i only like birds not blokes.
Lee Grulez
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Postby mary e rush » Mon Mar 12, 2007 1:32 am

Oh my God no where are we safe, You I would put in pediohile country.. Reason being is you can't stop. It is called sexual assault no matter how you rationalize it. [size=18][/size]
mary e rush
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Postby WarrigalDog » Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:25 am

Hi Stefan,

well, yu got all the info about the condition, and yes, IF/When you are caught, then then will be serious repercussions.

I guess I have a similar 'condition' as well, I find that being close to a women is arousing.

I suggest that 'frotteurism' is more widespread that many would think, and that on a scale of 1 -10 would rate quite low as deviant behaviour.

However as Mary points out, somewhat harshly I think, the object of your advances is a victim, and inappropriate touching is sexual abuse.

I would suggest yu ctc a Cognitive Behavioural Counsellor to talk it over with.

Hope it all goes well for you.

Lee mate, onya for telling it like it is, Hope yah make it to 1St grade, GO THE DRAGONS !!

Mary in Tx, I feel sorry for you, if that is yr attitude, I guesss in Tx they would excecute 'frotteurs'.
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Postby Polydog » Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:55 pm

Sorry about this but it looks like I have to break this post up cos I get an error message if I try to post it all as one cos its to long. :?

Hey everbody. Im reall hoping that this place is really anonomous as Im taking a big risk by posting here.

Im here because a team-mate sugessted I come and sneek a peek. How he found this site I dont know but hes got me a bit worried now. :lol:

Guess what? I am a frotteur to! Although to be honest I didnt even know their was a technical name for it, until now. Trouble is that Im also a footy player like Lee Grulez (clever name BTW) but I am already a professional player and am in a NRL side. You can see me just about any weekend on TV and this is part of the thrill for me.

Lee. Dont panic mate. Heres a little tit-bit of information that I bet you didnt know. I know three other players in NRL sides who are the same as me and you. Their are probably more as well but they are the only three I know about. As far as getting smacked up by someone for it, well that aint going to happen. For a start how would they even know and if they did know how could they prove it. Would they even want to prove it. The worst that would happen is they would probably have a quite word with you and tell you not to do it to them. Remember a few years back a certain player got in deep sh*t for sticking his finger were it shouldnt be in tackles. Well he didnt get beaten up or nothing. He did get named and shamed though but mate that was some pretty strong evidence they had on TV of him doing it but what we like to do is just part of footy anyway so noone would even guess thats whats going on.

Stefan. Dam, I envy you man. Ive been to california and mate you really have some of the hottest sheilas in the world there. You are one lucky dude. Hope ya dont get caught though.

Mary. I reckon your reaction is a bit over the top mate. You where not even aware such a thing existed until you read this and its never worried you when you didnt know so why start worrying a bout it now. When you really think about it there is even less physical contact than what happens in a simple handshake so its not as if youve really been violated or anything. As far as the mental thing goes well every time you meet a man you can garantee one of the first things he does is to check out your norgs and sheilas do it to blokes to when they first meet by checking out there arses and the packed lunch so its only a natural human thing to do. Dont let it worry you darl.

WarrigalDog. Really good answer mate and Im glad your not coming down hard or anything but mate. The dragons. Jeez sorry buddy but you shure picked the wrong team this year mate. Bottom of the table dude. You have my simpathy.
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Postby Polydog » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:44 am

Okay. A little bit about me then. I cant tell to much detail as I am pretty high profile so Im sure youll understand.

Looking back Id say mine started when I was a kid. My dad was a big monty python fan and he had a book called the monty python paperbak or something like that. Anyway there was this one spoofy article in it about how to rub yourself up against famous people. Jeez I laughed when I read it but I guess it must have triggered something in me because I used to imagine myself doing it and after a while I actually tried it. It was one night at work. My dad knew that I was pretty crap at school and would probly end up playing sports for a living so he got me a job when I was 15 at nights at the local supermarket filling shelves from 9 till midnight. Anyway there was this one lady there who was about 20 something and a real looker. Me and her often used to end up working the same isle together and she always seemed to be standing a lot closer than she needed to. It used to make me pretty horny but I wasnt really sure whether she was doing it on purpose or not. Anyway one night I was putting some big bags of dog biscuits on the bottom shelf and she reached over me to put something on the top shelf and well her crotch was right at my head level. Actually pressing up against my ear in fact. I was almost busting by this and so I had a look around to check that noone else was anywhere around and then turned back to press my face into her crotch. Well as soon as I did that she pushed back real hard and started rubbing up and down so I rubbed back and we did it for about 30 seconds until she dropped down on the floor panting and moaning. I knew chicks could have orgasms but Id never seen one happen until then. Anyways after that night we used to do it to each other all the time and I guess thats what really got me into it. Sometimes I do it to her and somethimes shed do it to me and we did it all sorts of diferrent ways. Some time I could have three orgasms a night and Stefan I hear you on the towels thing mate. :oops:
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Postby Stefan » Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:10 pm


This is great stuff. I laughed, I cried.....

You should write for a living (with the assistance of a spelling and punctuation checker perhaps). How much do you earn playing this 'footy'?

Keep it coming Buddy , please.
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Postby Foot fetish » Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:28 am

Hmmm, that does seem a little odd, and I really think you should get real counselling.
On the other hand I have noticed not all Rugby League players do that wriggle on the ground. Is it only because they are frotteurs taht they enjoy that, or is it because the sport allows for that sort of contact. I had heard some odd things about waterpolo players, but not to the extent you have just described.
Foot fetish
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Postby stranger » Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:40 am

I also like league. :oops:
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