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My stepkids- both psychopaths

My stepkids- both psychopaths

Postby Lenore » Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:01 am

On the day they moved into my house the 9 year old boy told me "when my dad isnt around, I am the boss of you" and the fights began.
I tried and tried to find out what was wrong with the kid, settling finally, on asperger's.. but that wasnt quite it either.
Pompous, narcissistic, he believed he had special powers, he saw things "but I know they are only illusions" he and his sister hurt the animals here.
He was so repulsive at school that the other kids mocked him. He complained to me about being bullied. When I talked to his teacher about it she told me "Right.. he's in the 5th grade.. his so called bullies.. are second graders."
He peed in his pants at school "Why should I waste my recess on going to the bathroom?" He told me it was only wrong if someone said anything to him about it.
As his sister grew older, she became dangerous. She had been destroying things in the house and her grandmothers homes, leaving clues behind.
She had no remorse, no empathy, low impulse control- she once told me that once she thought of doing it-- nothing could stop her unless we took her from the house, but upon returning- she was back to her plan.
She was a chronic liar, about anything and everything.
Life here was chaotic, to say the least.
Finally, after poisoning the dog ( who survived) and the rabbit ( who did not) she was going to be sent to a mental institution and then after a thorough diagnosis, boarding school-
her father ran off with her and moved in with his mother who had already taken the son 3 years prior.
This is my story, the reason why I am here. You are basically- my support group.
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Deal Lord

Postby jackson5 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:21 pm

I would feel relief if I was out of that situation. You read on this sorta of thing all the time. YOu might not have woken up one day. That is horrible.

Be Blessed.
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Postby Lenore » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:25 am

I do feel relief. I miss my husband, though.
My son told me "Mom.. SS bit me while I was sleeping." I laughed at him, thinking he was just being funny but then he showed me the bites.
I went berserk!- I demanded to know WHY-- and she told me "To see how much pain he could take before he woke up."
That's when life over here went very very downhill. Her counselor told me that she enjoyed making me "paranoid" but until she killed that rabbit everyone was under the impression that it wasnt much of a big deal.
Her psychiatrist told me to leave the marriage and dont look back.
I was horribly offended and thought how awful it was that her own shrink would be so callous towards the poor little girl.
Ive since found out that by law, counselors and psychiatrists are not allowed to diagnose anyone under 16 ( some places it's 18) as being a sociopath.
In the case of the boy- they said "It's not asperger's .. there's something.. dark."


Sitting across the dinner table with the both of them staring at me with no expression but feeling the malevolence coming off them in waves.. it was like Village of the Damned.

Their paternal family insists that they are non emotional destructive because of abandonment issues. Their mother vanished for a few years after giving them away to relatives while their father was away at school.

Their grandmother told me, quite shrilly, "They have been abandoned by every woman in their lives!"

well.. gosh.. I dont think they really care. She is a "willing victim."

The boy tied my dog up with electrical cord and told his father that I did it so I could blame him and get him in trouble.

His dad was dumbfounded and asked him "Why would you think-- that I would believe you??"

The child, who was 13 at the time, looked up into his dad's face and with utter sincerity said "Because you want to."

And that sums it all up.

My husband blames me for "not trying hard enough" with his kids.

To make this all work in his head- he has to force himself to believe that I was horribly mistaken about his kids. That his poor son is an aspie-
They actually found someone else who diagnosed him with that and treat him accordingly- and his daughter was just very angry at her stepmother (he disregards that she destroyed things at both her grandmother's homes "to see if I could get away with it")

According to him, she's not destroyed a single thing since they moved in with his mother but.. I think he either just lies- or he's blind on purpose. The house they are in right now, is not known for cleanliness or organization. She might be ripping and shredding and no one would know for a while.

She also is being "babysat" by her older brother, and when he's not available ( boyscouts) a woman from their church who babysits 3 other little kids takes the girl. This terrifies me for the other children who are very young but there's nothing I can do.

I am a villain in everyone's eyes that my husband's grandmother can tell her story of my cruelty to. I cant even warn anyone.
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