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How to expoes a Psychopath?

How to expoes a Psychopath?

Postby bugle1n » Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:54 pm

I am in the middle of court ordered custody evaluation. My soon to be ex spouse is no doubt a Psychopath. She displays all of the common characteristics, including a huge propensity to lie, manipulate and misrepresent just about everything that comes out of her mouth. How do I expose her? The court and my attorney need to recognize her condition before we enter into any co-parenting agreement, if we do? I am scared that she will be able to continue to fly under the radar of society. I'm particularly concerned about her parenting skills and how she is brainwashing my son. How do I expose her? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Lenore » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:48 pm

You can request to the judge that she take a psyche eval. You will have to take one as well, but - if you INSIST - she will have to take the more in depth one and it would probably show the problem.

It is expensive - but its worth it.

Just remember, you will be tested too.
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