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help with my mother

help with my mother

Postby paula » Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:52 am

my father passed away 2 yrs ago and my mother has gotten worse I think my dad kept it hid alot, she has always been confritational, i have three brothers and she has always been fighting with atleast two of us at a time , since dad died I tried to stick it out with her but nothing i do is ever right we will end up fighting and not talking for months at a time the last episode started back in july 08, and its always because we dont agree with her or we have said something to insult her or we are not respectful to her, I am 40 and each of my brothers are 39,38,37.
i just started talking to her about two weeks ago and everyday she called me accusing me of being in with my two brothers of taking over her life she is 59 two of my brothers have tried and failed as well she showed me a letter that she carrys around in case she is murdered who to look for, she has a note on her door that says do not feed my dogs because she accused a neighbor of poisoning them, she said that she tapes my conversations with her as well as my brothers, grandchildren as well.
she wanted to know whos side i will be on in the end ? the last phone conversation i had with her last week she asked me how come me and her cant have a relationship without me trying to control her life, I said mom I cant do this no more she said we are not done talking i said i am and hung up, since then she has called everyday leaving numerous messages on my phone threatning me my brothers and grandchildren,
she said i went to wlamaert and ruined her reputation telling everyone there that she is pregdidous we dont even go to the same store.
she has accused me of calling her therapyst, doctors , family and telling them that she is not capable of taking care of herself, on one the calls she called me white trash among other things,I have never called anyone on her but am starting to wonder if i should and who? thers so much more but not enough time in the day to say.

please anyone with some advice would be great!
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Your mother

Postby KarenM » Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:38 am

She sounds very paranoid. I recognize this because my fiance accuses me of all kinds of things too. I'm sorry.

Does it seem like she goes through periods of time where she's just fine and then suddenly she acts all paranoid for no reason?
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