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Anyone with Legal Background?

Anyone with Legal Background?

Postby Katyara » Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:22 am

So, as I have stated earlier, my ex is a psychopath. He had convinced me that I was the only woman he had ever loved. When I was not eager to move in with him, he manipulated me by making me feel guilty and responsible for the end of his previous relationship. He had actually forged letters to convince me that now it was my turn to take "care of him". In any event, I got sucked right in. 3 years later, and after the birth of my now 2year old son I caught him cheating. I kicked him out, but continued to love him, suffered terribly and began trying to make sense of the situation. I found out that the man was sleeping with two other women. In fact, he had always Slept with at least two other women, had been married at least three times, had taken his child away from her mother 25 years ago, and his own daughter does not want to have much to do with him. To spite me, and even though he had not seen his son in 6 months, my psychopath is now filing for JOINT custody. I know too well what a Legal and Physical Joint custody with a psychopath can mean. I am in desperate need of advise, although I did hire an attorney. One of the attorneys I interviewed actually suggested that I move / skip town with my kids. this is not a feasible solution. Anyone with ideas? please, advise. I would also appreciate any suggestion on how to handle him. Since I have become aware of the manipulator, he is increasingly angry because I do not fall under his spells. I stop him when he tries to manipulate me and in return he becomes verbally abusive.
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How to Deal

Postby Margaret » Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:18 pm

Use a lot of praise. Psychopaths are unable to see through this. It is the ONLY way to deal with them. Before you ask for anything reasonable, praise, praise, praise.

It's a kind of lying, I know.

But there is no other way until we have a test that is valid to the police so we can get away from these people.

Praying for you!
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